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Outstanding In Field

An excerpt from the Millson website:

In early July Millson hosted a unique event at the UBC Farm here in Vancouver. We invited some of the City’s leading design professionals to join us for a farm table dinner. The idea was to recognize and celebrate this amazing group of people for the talent, creativity and vision they have brought to shaping the city that we call home. We worked with the fine folks at Outstanding in the Field to organize the event, who not only made it memorable, but extraordinary.

The evening began around 6PM as the first guests began arriving and were treated to glasses of Gewurztraminer from Nichol Vineyards of the Naramata valley and several sumptuous appetizers including Cucumber and Daylily sorbet soup, Savoury Rosemary and Camembert Parfait and Tarragon Panna Cotta with local organic radishes.

Please see the entire article on the Millson website

Or the website for the event: Outstanding in the Field

The genius behind the event is Jim Denevan