Celebrating a Public Art Collaboration with Artist Michael Morris

At Measured, we practice situational modernism  — a subject-based, humanist approach that considers a project through the aspirations of a client, the opportunities of a site and the constraints of a municipality, budget and schedule. This goes beyond architecture, encompassing interior, industrial and landscape design, and public art collaborations. 

On this last note, we are excited to be collaborating with BC artist Michael Morris to investigate opportunities to situate and reconstruct his 1968 sculptural work, Palomar. We will be providing a technical buttress and a construction-based platform, with the aim to rescale Michael’s sculptures to suit a new type of interaction in the public realm. Modern materials will be introduced that address a closer interaction between viewer and object, as well as the requirement for durability in a harsher climate.

Michael Morris, Palomar, 1968 | 2011


We believe it is essential that the needs of the sculpture not undermine the fundamental ambition of Palomar optically. Critical to this exercise is to create a circumstance that allows for Michael Morris’ work to reach a greater audience and celebrate seminal art that has international importance.

Measured’s Clinton Cuddington sat down with Michael Morris this summer, on the artist’s birthday, where they had a lively conversation about Palomar. 

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