Meet Measured’s Business Manager, Sam Dunner

Measured’s architects and technologists are focused on the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design details of our clients’ buildings. When it comes to managing the details of our own house, such as marketing, administration, and financial analysis, we look to our Business Manager, Sam Dunner, who applies a business mind to the practice of design.

Describe your role at Measured.

My official title is business manager, and I’m focused on Measured’s finances, marketing and communications, administration and human resources. In other words, if it’s not actual architecture and design, I’m involved in it. This means I do everything from financial projections to
award submissions to ordering stationery. 


What’s your background?

I grew up in Vancouver in a family obsessed with mid-century modern houses. We lived in a ‘60s rancher, so I inhaled that period of design by osmosis. While I chose to major in entrepreneurship at UBC’s Sauder School of Business and minor in Near Eastern and Classical Studies (that included spending time on an archaeological dig in Sicily), I was still always interested in design and design thinking.


What led you to Measured?

Somewhere along my education road, I became interested in the intersection of commerce and design. Here, I have a front-row seat to the collaborative approach Clinton and Piers bring to their projects. As Measured is a small architecture firm, I also get opportunities I wouldn’t get at large firms — specifically the chance to get its business house in order to ensure that the firm produces stellar work while meeting revenue projections.

If it’s not actual architecture and design, I’m involved in it.”

What do you like about working at Measured?

I like that every project keeps me guessing and on my toes. Every day, there’s some new challenge. I am also grateful for the autonomy and responsibilities given to me by Clinton and Piers, as this allows me to grow and explore my role as Business Manager. Plus, Measured is just a really nice place to work. Everyone is easy to talk to and I’m building relationships with great people. 


Any rules or code that you live by? 

“Onwards and upwards.” Piers says this all the time, and I really believe that the more you push, the better you’ll be.


What do you do outside of Measured?

I get outside! Lately, I’ve been taking weekend trips exploring Vancouver Island, walking, hiking and testing out my amateur photography skills. I also play a lot of sports. I was a nationally ranked badminton player when I was younger and still love playing it today. I’m also pretty good at golf, tennis and squash.

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