Time to Restock: IDS Vancouver Unveils Central Bar Design

Restock, the 2019 edition of IDS Vancouver’s central bar, is an examination of a standard dismantled single-family home. With 60% of Vancouver’s landfill being materials from the residential construction industry, Restock is a celebration of sustainable practices, designed to shed light on demolition strategies that protect the salvage content of a building by utilizing a proportionally accurate, visual account of all materials that are typically removed from a standard 33’ x 122’ lot.

Restock will be built by Powers Construction, with design from Measured and materials provided by Unbuilders. Measured has envisioned the Bar Pavilion as a visual measurement to catalogue the content of a typical home slated for demolition prior to construction. Through its use of old-growth timber, the Bar Pavilion will focus on a site’s desired 15% reclaimed salvage material. Building Paper will represent the typical 80-85% recycled content of a dismantled home, while PVC sheets will make up the remaining 5% waste destined for landfill.

The team is celebrating sustainable practices through the commitment to considered, environmentally focused approaches. To maintain the integrity of the materials, which will be repurposed following IDS Vancouver’s completion, the design calls for no drill holes or cuts. Each piece will be connected through clips or straps, keeping all materials intact for future use.

Read the full Canadian Architect story, linked below.

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Rendering by Measured Architecture



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