Restock receives accolades in Azure Magazine, Design Milk & Canadian Interiors

Designers celebrated the principles (recycling and reusing materials from home demolition) behind Restock, the central bar at IDS Vancouver 2019, Measured’s installation in collaboration with Powers Construction and Unbuilders. Elizabeth Pagliacolo in Azure Magazine notes that “Measured Architecture really hit the nail on the head – without using any nails – with Restock, a surprisingly moving homage to upcycled materials.”

And Renske Werner of Design Milk states that Measured and our collaborators “stand at the forefront of a big shift in waste footprint in their industry.”

Canadian Interiors also weighs in, commending Measured for its use of sustainable materials.

Thank you all for your kind words. We are committed to recycling and reusing materials from home demolition in as many as our projects as possible. Powers Construction and Unbuilders were wonderful collaborators, and of course, this wouldn’t have happened without the support of IDS Vancouver 2019. What a fantastic and meaningful project to have had the opportunity to create!

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