Piers Cunnington a panelist at Design in the Eleventh Hour

In the wake of climate change, what is the obligation of designers to reduce waste, reuse materials and repair our planet? Be Original Americas has organized a panel discussion on just this topic featuring Measured Principal Piers Cunnington, as well as Stefano Guissano (CEO, Lissoni, Inc.), Nancy Bendtsen (Owner, Inform Interiors), Craig Stanghetta (Founder & Creative Director, Ste. Marie) and Stephanie Forsythe (Co-Founder & Designer, molo). GRAY Magazine’s assistant editor, Claire Butwinick, will be moderating. The group will explore the value of small acts of sustainability, solutions to eliminating excess waste, and how the design industry can prepare for the best- and worst-case scenarios of the pressing issues at hand. Piers will bring his expertise in designing both passive and smaller homes to the discussion, as well as his championing of materials and processes to urban design that are less resource intensive or create less waste, recently exemplified by Restock, the central bar at IDS Vancouver 2019.

The discussion runs 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at Inform Interiors, 50 Water Street, Vancouver. While the event is sold out, check back at Measured News for a recap.  

Restock Bar

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