Thank You, Clifford Wiens. You will be Missed

Measured mourns the passing of architect Clifford Wiens, who died January 25th at his home in Vancouver.

Alex Bozikovic of the Globe and Mail writes:

Mr. Wiens designed a wide variety of buildings in Regina and elsewhere in Saskatchewan, including private homes, schools, churches, hospitals, the Prince Albert City Hall and the provincial CBC headquarters.

Through his 40-year career, the lessons of farm life, including a deep respect for nature and a visceral understanding of structure, stayed with him. “His understanding of the material world wasn’t something that was academic,” his daughter Robin Poitras recalls. “Form and function were a reality, and they had to do with survival.”

Clifford’s presence greatly impacted the identity and vision of Measured. Growing up in Saskatchewan, Principal Clinton Cuddington admired his work, drawing inspiration from Wiens’ process and designs.

Clifford mentored Clinton in his education as thesis adviser, and continued to guide Clinton in his professional work. Clinton looked up Clifford as a friend and mentor, with the two remaining close over the years.

He will be missed.


/You can read his obituary in the Globe and Mail.

Photo Credit: The University of Regina

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