‘Un-building’ a Home: Discussing Construction’s Circular Economy

“What could be more efficient, more local, more sustainable than simply reusing the old studs from a house into the structural members for the new building?” This question was posed by Measured Principal Piers Cunnington to Matthew Hague of the Globe and Mail, in a conversation focusing on deconstruction processes and the potential sustainability of a circular economy.

The article explores the work of Unbuilders, one third of the team behind Restock, the Central Bar Feature at IDS Vancouver 2019 [the others being Measured and Powers Construction]. Hague discusses how designers are radically shifting their mindsets towards sustainable practices, namely reduce and reuse. Principal Clinton Cuddington added, “Often there’s a lot of great materials being damaged during a demolition that still have value,” [Cuddington] says. “The walls might be showing wear on the outside, but inside, everything is intact.”

Measured partners with Unbuilders on demolitions when possible, which saves good materials headed to landfills and has the added benefit of providing tax rebates to our clients.


/Read the full Globe and Mail article 

Restock was an examination of the environmental footprint of a building. Photography by Ema Peter.

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