Measured’s Restock a winner at the 2020 GRAY Awards

Measured’s Restock, the central bar at IDS Vancouver 2019, won the wildcard category at GRAY Magazine‘s 4th annual GRAY Awards last night.

The central bar at IDS Vancouver 2019, Restock was Measured’s installation in collaboration with Powers Construction and Unbuilders. The project is ultimately a catalyst for change: an honest representation as well as a celebration of salvage materials, and a use that promotes awareness and positive decision-making in the construction industry. Landscape Architect Martha Schwartz, a juror of the awards, had this to say about Restock:

“It is both mysterious, dark, and compelling, while also signaling the coziness of a home. These conflicting binaries create a frisson which compels you to come in and explore, and enjoy the rhythms of the hanging roof, the strangeness of materials, and the dramatic lighting. It holds your attention and inflames your curiosity. There is nothing more enchanting and fun than exploring a house under construction, or deconstruction. It is definitely a ‘think piece’ while exciting one’s senses and having a drink.”

A huge thank you goes to the entire team who volunteered there time, including: ARC Document Solutions (printing), Cloth Studio, Fast + Epp (structural), Habitat for HumanityKomol Plastics, Nelcan Electric (lighting), Nu-Tech Roofing, Plum Framing and Forming, Rebecca Anderson, Graham Case, Eero Cuddington + Mika Ishizaki. 

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