From the Archives: Measured’s collaboration with Dear Human

From the archives—we’re reliving Measured’s partnership with design studio Dear Human for Rough House. The duo behind Dear Human created custom tile murals for the kitchen, pantry, the bathrooms , and even the laneway house bathroom and kitchen. This collaboration was highlighted in the Globe and Mail on June 18, 2015.

“Architect Clinton Cuddington often talks with clients about the importance of art. So when his turn came, he used bespoke tile to embed it directly into the DNA of the family home.”

“The murals are composed of two types of tile: conventional square tiles bought in bulk, and hexagons made from scratch. Handmade tile is produced with wet clay, cut into chunks and evenly weighted into biscuits: these discs are then pressed into the air-released die. A single tile – babysat on a drying rack, taken out and moved around, fired, glazed, and fired again – takes a full week to set. The studio cranked out 50 handmade tiles a day for more than three months; from design ideation to finishing the last room, the entire project ran for a year. ”






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