Cloth Studio


Ravi Pankhania, owner and mastermind atĀ Cloth Studio, Measured collaboratorĀ since 2014, advancing thoughtful and aesthetic solutions to space needs. Bespoke maker of marvellous softs goods, from pillows and bedding to window coverings and upholstered furniture. Champion of Belgian linen.


Ravi Pankhania

Why the collaboration works

If I could express one thing about Clinton and Piers, from the heart, I feel like they’re really engaged in what they do in a way that engages others. Their architecture has a language that’s always thoughtful, always innovative. Nothing is basic.”
Ravi Pankhania

What’s interesting about Ravi is that he understands and wants to talk about the way things are fabricated, and what the opportunities are within that, from the size of a stitch to the way a fabric folds, to what is exposed or concealed in detailing. For us, this is fun. Ravi himself is hilarious, and he is deeply invested in making an excellent project.”Piers Cunnington



Combo House (2017)


White Lodge (2016)


Shaughnessy House (2016)


Rough House (2016)


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