Epic Metalworks


Jeff Church, principal at Epic Metalworks, a metal fabrication shop in Greater Vancouver specializing in custom architectural metalwork and detailed metal finishing of stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum and mild steel. Measured collaborator since 2012.

Why the collaboration works

Clinton and Piers are both engaging and enjoy working directly with the trades. We get what they’re looking for in the raw, natural look of metal, using the inclusion of heavy steal to contrast the other parts of their sites. We appreciate that, and have a mutual respect that’s grown.”Jeff Church

Epic is our main partner in steelwork for both commercial and residential projects. Often it’s the straight lines and simple designs that are the hardest to achieve on an architectural project, but Jeff and his team nail it every time.”Clinton Cuddington



Parallel 49 Brewing Company Restaurant (2017)


Shaughnessy House (2016)


Rough House 2015)


Waterfront House (2013)


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