Michael Lis, professional millworker; owner of Goodweather, a custom design and fabrication shop specializing in modern architectural millwork, furniture and fixtures as well as exhibition design and implementation for art galleries and museums.  Measured collaborator since 2016.

Michael Lis

Why the collaboration works

Because of my background in architecture, it’s easy for me to have a conversation with Clinton and Piers about their intentions. There’s also a sense of trust –– they know we’ll do the right kind of architectural detailing, so we don’t have to ask them about that.”Michael Lis

Michael is a millworker who’s come out of architecture, so he truly understands the process of discovery, which is important. Having a really strong relationship between the architect and the millworker is also like having an extension of the architect’s eyes on site. Michael and his team are committed to maintaining that relationship all the way through to completion.”Clinton Cuddington



Picasso Exhibit, Vancouver Art Gallery (2016)


Plied House (custom kitchen 2017)




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