Intempo Interiors


Robin Woronko, professional millworker; owner and co-principal at Intempo Interiors, a Vancouver-based custom woodworking shop specializing in high-end architectural and residential millwork. Measured collaborator since 2013.


Robin Woronko (l) and Howard Brown (r)

Why the collaboration works

Clinton and Piers have a really deep understanding of how materials relate to each other and how to use them in a playful manner — it’s a different way of looking at blank walls and surfaces. Both of them are a good fusion between designer and architect.”Robin Woronko

As design builders, Intempo is in many respects the first and closest extension of the architect on site. We’re doing a lot of collaboration with Intempo, and they’re usually the last guys standing on a job site. Their commitment to excellence is palpable and their work is impeccable.”Clinton Cuddington



Combo House (2017)


Shaughnessy House (2016)


Equinox Gallery (2014)


Gallery Penthouse (2014)

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