Powers Construction


Patrick Powers, owner, operator and project manager of Powers Construction, specializing in high-end architectural projects. Has collaborated with Measured since 2013 to build high-quality, cost-transparent homes.


Patrick Powers

Why the collaboration works

Clinton and Piers have a large design palette, so there’s a wide range of creative execution. Everything is a fresh start with them, which makes every project unique.”
Patrick Powers

Patrick is a fantastic combination of playful and serious. He has a joy to him, but he’s also really serious about construction, and he imbues that in his theme, which makes the process of building fun. Plus, Powers Construction is as good on a spreadsheet as they are on a hammer.”
Clinton Cuddington and Piers Cunnington



Rough House (new build 2015)


Shaughnessy House (renovation and addition 2016)


Bloomsbury House (renovation 2016)


Combo House (new build 2017)

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