Adam Corneil, certified passive house builder plus deconstruction and reclaimed wood expert; founder and owner of Unbuilders. The company deconstructs homes by hand, maximizing the salvage of almost all materials, including old-growth lumber, and minimizing the environmental footprint. Salvaged goods are donated to charity (think Habitat for Humanity), with a tax receipt to the building owner. Also the founder and owner of Heritage Lumber, a reclaimed brokerage and product manufacturer. 

Adam Corneil


Why the collaboration works

It’s crucial for us to have a design champion like Measured showing the industry and clients why it’s important to evolve our traditional demolition as well as material selection for a new build to one that chooses to reuse and recycle materials such as reclaimed wood over virgin lumber. We’ve been working with Measured for a few years now, and the firm beautifully illustrates time and again how reclaimed wood can be processed to look at once modern and timeless.”
Adam Corneil

Unbuilders’ precedent-setting regional response to the deep green philosophy of building dismantling and harvesting is an essential driver in our industry. We’ve forged a strong working relationship with the company that is fundamental to meeting and exceeding current standards of sustainable practice. Unbuilders remains a beacon for our work with their of-the-moment technologies, processes and products.”Clinton Cuddington


Veil House [2020]


Restock [2019]



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