Bloomsbury House

The Bloomsbury House renovation allowed the architect, interior designer and client to come together through an inclusive process. The result was the creation of a distilled traditional space that successfully balances the past and present, marries traditional English sensibilities to a west side location and matches North American expertise with modern European design. 



This renovation gave Measured the opportunity to establish a close relationship with the client in both an architectural and interior design capacity. The goal was to retain heritage features while modernizing a tired, three-storey craftsman house built in the 1930s.


With Bloomsbury House, we collaborated with our clients – a family from London – to bring an English sensibility to a west side 1940s home.”

Clinton Cuddington


The integrity and character of the original home have been enhanced through careful attention to detail and finishes distilled from its vernacular. Raising the basement, installing significant windows derived from period precedent and adding paint sheen to the ceiling allow light to pour in and bounce playfully around the five-bedroom home. 



To meet the young family’s desire to draw inspiration from their English roots, the team complemented new wainscoting, brass accents and inlayed-mirror detailing together with the client’s existing eclectic furniture collection.