Cloister House Laneway

This small laneway house with a dwelling unit and one-car garage is an extension and completion of Cloister House. This project was the first laneway home that the City ever approved with sunken, subterranean sleeping quarters.



Completed after the main house, the laneway house became the final destination for unused building materials from the Cloister House build, such as the charred lumber.


This was the first laneway house in Vancouver with a subterranean level. Putting the living area above and the sleeping area below enabled a green roof, providing a visual asset for the main dwelling.”

Clinton Cuddington


Its small size necessitated clever use of built-in storage and millwork and a singular palette when selecting furniture. The client requested absolutely no drywall in the project, so all walls were finished with milled MDX panels, allowing for a flourish of joinery details, especially around the stair.



The building is carefully carved into the sloping site to complete the cloistered feel of the project as a whole. The naturalized green roof reflects back to the main house, achieving light and livability for the laneway and maintaining privacy for all users.