Cloister House

The client, used to a quiet and tranquil lifestyle on the Gulf Islands, was moving back to Vancouver to spend more time with family, and asked Measured to build her a refuge in an urban environment. At its root, the Cloister House is a state of seclusion within the city — a precious space shared between a grandmother and her grandchildren. 



A finely crafted spine wall anchors the plan of the house, travelling from the front of the project to the rear. The hilltop site offers long views of the North Shore mountains and Pacific Ocean, which are balanced with internal, carefully constructed views of the intimate pocket garden.


Our client requested a respite in an urban setting, so we worked to create a situation where the owner could have a strong visual connectivity to landscape, in a way which was cloistered from the gaze of the street.”

Clinton Cuddington


Materials commonly perceived as ‘cold’ were manipulated to achieve a palette of textural warmth inside and out: the textural triptych of hand-worked masonry, charred fir planks forming the concrete walls and blackened steel provide a sense of harbour.



Grandchildren delight in the whimsical, kid-friendly elements that abound, playing amid the undulating boulder landscape and descending from the upper floors on custom steel slides that run alongside the internal staircases.