Gallery Penthouse

The clients for this renovation — a private art gallery owner/curator and a municipal art gallery curator — are prominent members of the Vancouver art community, one. Their unique programmatic request was to turn this eighties-style, two-storey condo into a modern gallery/living quarters, to operate as both a private home and a satellite gallery exhibition space for their collection of art and photographs.



Measured left many of the original materials in place, stripping them of their dated details and refinishing them to look new — concrete floors were polished, granite countertops were honed in place, the steel and concrete stair was stripped, filled and selectively painted.


Early on we went into the home and looked at how we could incorporate what our clients already owned so that we could bring their history into the new space. In the living room, we used their well-worn Barcelona chairs to crate a great counterpoint to the more contemporary elements. We also had new legs attached to the stone-slab table there.”

Clinton Cuddington


While existing millwork was used where appropriate, key pieces where custom designed. This includes the desk and bookshelf at the top of the stairs, which expand the loft space by functioning as guardrail and storage and display. Several subtle yet functional new millwork pieces disappear, gallery-style. In the kitchen, a new table works as both family eating surface and work surface.



Our clients were thrilled with the calmness of the space and the cohesiveness of the design — one where their art is allowed to take prominence.