Parallel 49

Parallel 49 Brewing Company, keen to embrace the gentrification of its Stumptown neighbourhood, wanted to increase the scope and size of its facilities to enhance its beer tasting room, introduce a restaurant and combine this front-end public space with an active brewery behind the scenes.



An investigation of steel and industrial materials, the Parallel 49 Brewing Company space embraces its working-class history. The expanded tasting room invites long-time customers to mix with a new clientele of craft beer devotees while sampling a diverse assortment of local brewery offerings.


The challenge here was to reimagine a brewery in a quickly gentrifying neighbourhood capable of welcoming both current and new patrons. Our clients asked for a “tough” space – hence the 14 tons of steel for the wall cladding.”

Clinton Cuddington


The space reflects its tough, working-class roots while infusing new life into the cinder-block envelope. The design incorporates and honours materials found in the traditional docklands landscape: chains and grating as walls, steel, concrete, graffiti, train-depot-style LED display, street graphics, industrial colours and docklands lighting. 



Sticking to the timeline for construction was crucial to minimize the time the business was closed. Working within a six-month intense design and construction window, the brewery was fully ready to open for its spring kick-off.  The space welcomes its regular and new customers, and showcases its expanded business.