Picasso Exhibition

Picasso: The Artist and His Muses ran June to October 2016 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. As the exhibition designer for this show, Measured worked with the VAG curatorial team to emphasize the significance of the six women who were pivotal to Picasso’s artistic development. 



Measured endeavored to look through the lens of Picasso’s perspective of each muse and the artistic conditions they facilitated. As specific colours can be identified with certain periods, we gave each muse a separate colour and led visitors on a chronological journey of the artwork, while ensuring strong sightlines to key art pieces.


I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the concept with departments within the Vancouver Art Gallery, including curatorial, AV/lighting, graphic design, events and marketing. It was interesting to learn about the perspectives of each stakeholder, which ultimately informed the fine-tuning of the exhibit design.”

Jo Smith, lead project architect


The VAG trusted Measured to develop all aspects of the show, from the thematic narrative, circulation, display walls and plinths to the colour palette and accompanying graphics. The exhibit contained over 60 works spread over the 10,000-SF ground floor.



The exhibit ran for four months, from June to October. Over 100,000 people had visited by the end of August 2016.