Shaughnessy House

Clayton House, a 1910 grand Edwardian-era house in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy neighbourhood, had fallen into disrepair. Measured was hired to preserve the home’s historical significance while layering in a modern, functional design.



Following a European approach of respecting and reinforcing history, we maintained important architectural features such as the symmetrical design, pyramidal roof and wraparound veranda. We then introduced key contemporary interventions to draw the building into the present moment. Rather than blurring old and new, these elements are in stark contrast to the original ones. 


This was an exceptional project. We were able to protect the formal facades of the house while introducing modern living components through the building, off the back of the building, and through into the garden space.”

Clinton Cuddington


Measured added an open atrium on all levels at the back. The large vertical glass lantern wall unifies the rear facade, allows light to pour in and features expansive views to the west. A small glass cupola along the front roofline is inspired by the widow’s walk typical of homes of this era and style. Our precise distinction of the contemporary elements serves to highlight the defining characteristics of the original home.



It was a fundamental goal to maintain and enhance the aesthetic character and diversity of this neighbourhood through a commitment to quality and uniqueness in design. Honest use of materials, preservation of the landscape and exploration of green building principles allowed us to preserve defining historic architecture while layering in modern, family-friendly design.