Smith House II

Smith House II, designed by Erickson/Massey Architects, is a quintessential example of West Coast Modernism. Thoughtfully positioned on its rocky site near Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, the original design is truly in and of its place. It is the second home Arthur Erickson designed for Marion and Gordon Smith, celebrated Canadian artists and educators. Originally built in 1964, the house is a harmonious interweave of the Smiths’ creativity and Erickson’s site-first design approach. It is rich with Erickson’s signature—indoor and outdoor interplay, striking structural expression, and a strong sense of local materiality.


Smith House II Preview Film presented by the West Vancouver Art Museum, created by
Jesse Laver.


As part of the home’s continued stewardship, Measured Architecture was asked to oversee the refurbishment and stabilization of the existing buildings, along with upgrades to the kitchen, bathrooms and utilities. This was a significant undertaking for Measured aided by Clinton Cuddington’s role on the Board of the Arthur Erickson Foundation.



Working with Kindred Construction, Measured’s subtle interventions included improvements to the heating and electrical systems, updates to the kitchen and bathrooms, and refurbishment of the original finishes. This work was completed thoughtfully and discretely in an effort to conserve and complement the original design.

The opportunity to add to the story of this house—an icon in the history of Canadian architecture—was a rare privilege for all involved.



In keeping with Arthur Erickson’s desire to always be a gracious host, much of Measured’s work at the Smith House II was designed to make the home more comfortable for the residents and more inviting to their guests.

Our scope of work included a full kitchen upgrade, complete with new appliances and millwork. With a subtle nod to Gordon Smith, we colour-matched the cabinetry to complement an exterior paint colour of the home that he had previously selected. In addition, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems all received some much needed improvements. Lastly, to better accommodate guests, we added a full bathroom, hide away bed and updated laundry facilities.