Waterfront Residence

Waterfront House offers a new, continuous landscape that envelops and expands an existing house. Our clients acquired the site adjacent to their home to create both an indoor and outdoor spatial environment more attuned to their lifestyle. Fundamentally, this project is about the execution of contemporary forms using traditional materials and artisanal fabrication techniques.



The workings of the walls employ old-world technologies and controls inspired by cycling and vintage cars, as well as the materiality and mechanical whimsy of early French modernists such as Pierre Chareau. These precedents of emerging modernism provided a bridge between Measured’s modern sensibilities and the Classicism referenced by the existing neo-Renaissance house.


For this project, we used the historic reference of the existing building to mesh classical planning principles with modern ones. The additional site area also allowed us to treat most of this area as landscape.”

Piers Cuddington


Working with Paul Sangha Landscape Architecture to root the building into its site, Measured used the two-storey drop in the site grade to conceal the bulk of the new program under a green roof of up to three-feet thick. A muted palette of limestone and black painted steel is employed throughout to blend the old and new.



The project unfolds as a series of moments modulating between extroverted ocean and mountain views and introverted garden views. Manually controlled customized moving window walls provide the owners with a seamless flow between inside and outside.