Wolfe House

This single-family house in Shaughnessy was Measured’s first built project. In a neighbourhood populated with traditional Arts and Crafts-style mansions, the Wolfe House stands out as undeniably modern. 



Measured conducted an initial study of the forms and materials typical to the neighbourhood. We then reformulated traditional elements into a contemporary design that ultimately met the spirit of the Shaughnessy’s strict heritage design guidelines.


Wolfe House has been embraced by the City of Vancouver and is now one of their examples of how to construct a modern building in a traditional neighbourhood.”

Clinton Cuddington


The home’s true innovations lie more in the collaborative process Measured developed to bring the building to fruition rather than in the built form itself.



The home acts as an urban oasis in the middle of the city, achieved through careful siting, attention to acoustic buffering, interior views that establish a strong connection to the site, and a landscape that crafts pleasure throughout the changing seasons and passage of the sun.