Hannah Newton


I grew up

On a farm.


Master of Architecture candidate / Dalhousie University

Bachelor of Environmental Design, 2012 / Dalhousie University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2009 / Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University

Notable accomplishments/awards

Nova Scotia Association of Architects — Ojars Biskaps Award, 2013 — for excellence in architectural drawing and drafting

Portfolio Prize Winner, 2013 / Dalhousie University School of Architecture

Portfolio Prize Winner, 2012 / Dalhousie University School of Architecture

Why Measured?

They are a drug I can’t quit.  

Path to architecture

I took the scenic route.

Architect I admire most 

My grandfather, Frank Newton

Preferred era in architecture

Early Art Deco

Materials that excite me

Leather, wood and wool — in that order

I love working with clients because

They always teach me something.

When I’m not working you can find me

Making stuff or swimming.

Ball point or felt tip?

Sharp HB pencil

Go-to unit of measurement

Cubits and palms

Quote that guides me right now

Stop trying to skip the struggle. That’s how character is built.

I wish I’d designed

Binary code.

I’m concerned about

Big Brother.