Julia Ogier


Julia Ogier is a passionate Interior Designer with 18 years of practical experience working in Europe and North America in both residential and commercial sectors. 

After completing her design diploma at Manchester University, Julia went on to graduate in 2000 from the world renowned KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London which provided her with the essential foundation to start her successful career in Interior Design.

Julia started her career working for professional Interior Design companies in the Cambridge and London areas of the UK with names such as Baron Design, At Home Interior Design Consultants, and COEL. Her early work experience in the UK cemented her love for classic/contemporary modern as well as furniture design and established her refined design style.

Moving to Canada in 2012, Julia started the North American phase of her career in the heart of Toronto’s Design community at Hollace Cluny, an exclusive resource for contemporary design and crafted furniture and fittings. Julia relocated to Vancouver in 2015 and took a position at Inform Interiors assisting clients select furniture and plan and implement their projects whether that be a private homeowner or a high end developer.

Julia blends her wealth and varied design experience from Europe with the North American east coast aesthetic style and inspiration she finds in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.